Londoner Double Decker: Two Cheeses in One



Londoner Debuts a New Line of Cheeses for the U.S. Market at the Fancy Food Show


More fun than a double decker bus, Londoner Double Decker is a new British cheese that is a merger of two great British cows’ milk cheeses.  Half the cheese is Red Leicester, a vibrantly colored English classic with a rich, mellow and slightly tangy flavor.  The other half is Double Gloucester, a mild, buttery and slightly nutty young cheese and one of the historical cheeses of the U.K.  The Double Decker will be introduced at the Winter Fancy Food Show, January 19 to 21, in San Francisco.


The Double Decker is one of seven cheeses of the new Londoner brand, featuring a product line of cheeses crafted in the heart of Great Britain's countryside.  Packaging and labels feature iconic images – palace guards, London taxis and other illustrations to establish the provenance of these cheeses.  The parchment package also incorporates a clear window so consumers can see the cheese inside. The core range of cheeses will be sold in 7-ounce blocks.


The Londoner Product Line

“All Londoner cheeses are hand-selected by award-winning graders, representing centuries of cheesemaking know-how,” said Conor O’Donovan,Category Sales Manager.  “In addition to the Londoner Double Decker, the core range will include Londoner Cheddar, Londoner Red Leicester and Londoner West County Farmhouse Cheddar.”


The West County Farmhouse Cheddar carries the coveted Protected Designation of Origin or PDO badge. The designation proclaims that the cheese offers attributes only found in that region, and that traditional, time-honored methods of production are used, resulting in products with specific local provenance. As a PDO cheese, West Country Farmhouse Cheddar is handmade and matured on a Devon County family farm.  


Seasonal and Custom Cheese Blends

In addition to the core product line, Londoner will specialize in blended cheeses, introducing new flavors each season, such as salted caramel; and Wensleydale with Harvest Fruits, a blend of cranberries, raisins, and candied lemon and orange peels, with cinnamon. With the biggest and most state-of-the art facility for making blended cheeses in the U.K., the brand also has the ability to provide custom-created signature cheeses.


Londoner is a new brand of English cheeses sold by the Irish Dairy Board.  For more information about Londoner cheeses, go to  For high-resolution photos of the Londoner Double Decker, shown below, contact Megan Huber (


London Double Decker Cheese Summary

  • A cheese with two layers: a layer of Red Leicester and layer of Double Gloucester cheese
  • Made with cows’ milk
  • 7-ounce parchment packaging with clear window to display the cheese
  • One of seven cheeses being launched in the Londoner brand line
  • Cheese to be introduced at the Fancy Food Show


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