A Quick Course in Londoner Life


Londoners Have A Unique Way Of Speaking, And An Even More Unique Way Of Renaming Everyday Words. Here’s A Short List To Help You Become Fluent In British Slang.

Butcher’s Hook -  Look, Take a Look at That
Rosy Lee - Tea
Dog and Bone - Phone
Apples and Pears - Stairs
Tin of Fruit - Suit
Bullseye - 50 pounds
Ham and Eggs - Legs
Oliver Twist – Wrist



Some Other Things You'll Hear Londoners Witter On About:

The Borough Market– A food bazaar filled with every nature of delectable from London and around the globe. Here you’ll find restaurant chefs shopping for the night’s specials, and locals shopping for dinner. The merchants are among the most colorful personalities in the city, stocking as many amusing stories as they do fresh foodstuffs.


Oxford Street – London’s shopping Mecca. A mile-and-a-half of everything from quaint boutiques to sprawling imperial department stores. Londoners will tell you: if you can’t find it on Oxford Street, it probably doesn’t exist.


“Mind The Gap”– Originally a phrase used to caution Tube (London’s subway) riders of the gap between the train and the platform, the phrase has become a motto of sorts for Londoners, who have adopted the saying as a part of the local vernacular.


“Keep Calm and Carry On” – Used as a phrase for propaganda posters during WWII, the mantra remained and reminds Brits to uphold their steadfast nature no matter the trouble. Today it can be found on coffee cups, t-shirts and stationery, but still carries a special meaning to those who know its origin.


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