Eat Like a Londoner


Afternoon Tea - A simple pleasure for locals and tourists, afternoon tea is a break taken between lunch and dinner. Usually just hot tea and scones, afternoon tea is a decidedly British tradition that is still viewed fondly. For the quintessential Afternoon Tea, FORTNUM & MASON, London's renowned culinary treasure trove, is not to be missed.


Gastro Pubs - The gastropub was born from Brit's equal love of fine food and the relaxed pub atmosphere. The trend of a neighborhood bar serving haute cuisine is one that started in England but has spread to other countries, most notably the United States. However, Londoners can still boast the first pub to ever win a Michelin star - the HARDWOOD ARMS.


Fish & Chips - The original working man's meal, fish and chips is synonymous with comfort food. It was traditionally served in a wrapping of day-old newspaper, although modern food safety law has ended that practice. Regardless, "Chippers" abound in cities, towns & villages throughout the country - none more ubiquitous than HARRY RAMSDEN'S.


Ever Wondered What Was In Bubble & Squeak? The Answers To This And More...


Bangers & Mash - English sausages and mashed potatoes.

Yorkshire Pudding - A savory-type pastry, traditionally served with Roast Beef & Horseradish sauce.

Toad In The Hole - English sausages baked into Yorkshire pudding.

Bubble & Squeak - A fried mash of potatoes and leftover vegetables.

Chip Butty - A type of sandwich. The hero ingredient, the chips - (akin to steak-fries in the US) - are placed between two slices white bread and eaten with gusto. Garnish optional.


And A Few British Food Champions We Recommend:


JAMIE OLIVER - Culinary wunderkind and champion of responsible and healthy cuisine, especially for the kids.


HESTON BLUMENTAL - The self-taught master of new-school cooking. His restaurant, The Fat Duck, holds three Michelin stars (the highest possible number) and is consistently ranked among the very best restaurants in the world.


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