UK Places




Leicester – Pronounced “lester” for all those across the pond,  Leicester is one of England’s oldest cities, holding a rich history that includes the origins of a cheese particularly dear to our hearts.


Buckingham Palace – The not-so-humble abode of the Royal Family, Buckingham Palace plays a part in the life of every Londoner, including those hoping to catch a glimpse of a royal wedding kiss.


Lands’ End, Cornwall – Travelers who make the journey to the westernmost point in England are rewarded with stunning ocean views from atop striking cliffs. It’s used as a point of reference; if someone tells you a distance is “Land’s End to John o’ Groats,” you’ve got a hike ahead of you.


The Lake District – Britain’s most famous national park, The Lake District is a stretch of mountains, water and sky that forms a popular holiday destination. After experiencing the region’s beauty, it’s easy to see why Wordsworth and other poets were so inspired by it.


Stonehenge – Questions abound as to the mysterious origins of the monolith in the rural county of Wiltshire, but all can agree on the impressive nature and mystical quality of Stonehenge.


Cardiff – The capital of Wales and former Roman stronghold, Cardiff is a cultural hub and a must-visit for anyone seeking a comprehensive tour of the UK.


Scottish Highlands – For nature-lovers, conspiracy theorists, and history buffs alike, the northern reaches of Scotland provide endless opportunity. Endless mountain trails crisscross the region, which includes Loch Ness (and it’s legendary elusive resident) and preserved battlefields commemorating Scotland’s proud history.


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